Montag, 29. Januar 2007

Self-fulfilling prophecy?!?

I went out for classic "Kaffee und Kuchen" with two friends on sunday. When we got to the place we saw right away that it was packed, but hey the cake, pastries, tarts and stuff is just great there... We stood in the entrance and scanned the room below us for an empty table. Instead of an empty table my eyes fixed themselves on a woman at a center table. Someone I haven't seen for years and am not particular eager to meet and chat with! That woman turned her head and I was so relieved, that it wasn't her but simply someone that looks like her. We were lucky and got seated soon, ordered and chatted away... Ten minutes later, my head started wandering around (by the way I sat with my back to the room!) - and who sits just three tables down along the wall: the woman that I thought I recognized earlier. She didn't see me in that moment and I managed not to look in her direction during our stay... But isn't it funny that I mistake another woman for her and she is actually in the room too?!?

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