Dienstag, 10. April 2007

Bunch of Dumbasses . . .

Sorry folks, but this just sounds as if the majority of U.S. citizensmoviegoers didn't get the idea of combining two features into a Grindhouse film:

Studio Briefing
Some moviegoers who bought tickets to see the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino "double bill" Grindhouse were apparently unaware that the feature comprised two separate movies -- and walked out after the first one, Rodriguez's Planet Terror, ended, published reports said today (Tuesday). "I don't think people understood what we were doing," Weinstein told today's New York Post. "The audience didn't get the idea that it is two movies for the price of one." The walk-outs could offer another partial explanation for the film's disappointing performance at the box-office. Critics unanimously agreed that the second movie, Tarantino's Death Proof, was the superior of the two. Daily Variety also reported that The Weinstein Co. is overhauling its ad campaign but will be facing stiff competition next weekend when seven -- count 'em, seven -- new films open. The Post added that the company is also considering re-releasing the two movies as separate offerings in longer versions, as it had already decided to do overseas and on DVD.

Und ausgerechnet in dem einzigen Land, wo es die Filme als Doublefeature gibt, sind die Leute einfach zu doof dafür... traurig, traurig!

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